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APT Now offers online interactive advisory services, assessments, and assessment training.

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Advanced Product Transitions (APT) Corporation is the industry leader in the development of and training for:

  • Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) assessments

  • Technology Readiness Level (TRL) assessments

  • Program Management Metrics (PMM)

  • SAE's Manufacturing Management Program standard (AS6500A) implementation


The APT Team additionally performs collaborative and independent manufacturing and/or program management assessments using MRLs, TRLs, and Best Practices supporting commercial and Department of Defense industries. APT's expertise includes application of these processes from R&D through production.

APT Corp is a small, veteran-owned, business headquartered in McLean, VA, USA.

Core Capabilities:

  • MRL Training and Workshops

  • AS6500A Implementation and Training

  • TRL Training and Workshops

  • Independent Manufacturing and Program Risk Assessments

  • Manufacturing Management System Analysis (AS6500)

  • Technology Development and Transition Risk Assessments

  • Program Management and Systems Engineering Assessments

  • National Security Space Industrial Base Analyses

  • Defense Production Act Title III Management Support

  • Small Business Innovative Research Management Support

  • Proposal Justification and Support

Classroom Instruction

APT has developed a wide range of training courses to prepare personnel.


Machine in Factory

Assessing risks and finding innovative approaches to risk management are cornerstones of our capabilities.

MRL Resource documents

APT strives to provide quality, up-to-date reference materials for our partners.

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