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Advanced Product Transitions Corp. (APT) provides advisory, assessment, and engineering support services to governments and industry customers. Assessing risks and finding innovative approaches to risk, issue, and opportunity management are cornerstones of our capabilities. We provide independent analysis of your organization's business processes against current and emerging Best Practices.

At APT, we provide expertise, methodologies, and processes within your organization for application of:

  • Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) Assessments

  • Technology Readiness Level (TRL) Assessments

  • Program Management Metrics (PMM) Assessments

  • Manufacturing Management Program Implementation (AS6500A)

  • Best Practices for DoD Rapid Acquisition:

    • Urgent Operational Needs (UON)

    • Rapid Prototyping (Mid-Tier)

    • Rapid Fielding (Mid-Tier)

within your organization. Service can be provided remotely via interactive analysis in online sessions.​


We provide support to business capture efforts and/or RFP responses focused on customer requirements for technology or product maturity. Assistance can be provided through independent assessments using MRL and/or TRL criteria and metrics. Additionally, APT provides streamlined assessments of program risk and status with a focus on the 20 questions that are key to program status and risk at key decision points. Assistance can also be provided as an analysis of manufacturing operations to the AS6500A standard requirements.

MRL Assessment summary
MRL Assessments Online or In Person

An MRL Assessment is a structured examination of a program’s current state of manufacturing maturity. A Manufacturing Readiness Assessment (MRA) identifies risks, issues, and opportunities, and develop risk mitigation plans.


APT has experience in teaching, performing, or assisting in the conduct of Manufacturing Readiness Assessments (MRAs) internationally and domestically, from Major Capability Acquisitions to Small Business Innovative Research (SBIRs). APT MRL assessments have been conducted to meet contractual requirements, to supplement proposal submissions, to formulate improvement of manufacturing management processes and implementation of industry best practices. Assessments can be conducted either onsite or remotely.

If you need to perform an assessment and you don’t know where to start, give us a call.

TRL Thermometer
TRL Assessments Online or In Person

A TRL Assessment is a structured, systematic process that assesses the maturity of "Critical Technologies." A Technology Readiness Assessment (TRA) evaluates the maturity of a technology and plans for its future maturation throughout the technology’s life cycle.  

TRLs consist of nine levels tied to validation or demonstration of a technology in increasingly mature environments during technology development.


APT has experience in performing, or assisting in the conduct of Technology Readiness Assessments (TRAs) both onsite or remotely.

​If you think your technology is mature, but you need independent validation, send us an email.

AS6500 conference
AS6500A Implementation Online or In Person

Developed to promote the timely development, production, modification, fielding, and sustainment of affordable products by addressing manufacturing throughout the program life cycle, AS6500A has become an industry Best Practice for organizations both in DoD acquisition programs and in commercial industry.

APT has experience in training and assisting organizations with in the implementation and application of AS6500A both onsite or remotely. APT continues to support the SAE G-23 Committee efforts to maintain and update the standard, as we have since its inception.


Have a requirement for AS6500A, but not sure where to begin? Contact us.

Tactical vehicle
Rapid Acquisition

With the enacting of Public Law 114-92, Section 804, DoD was provided a path in Mid-Tier Acquisition to either use Rapid Prototyping, develop, demonstrate, or evaluate new capabilities, operational concepts or meet emerging military needs; or use Rapid Fielding use proven technologies to field production quantities of new or upgraded systems with minimal development required. 


APT has experience in performing, or assisting in the conduct of Manufacturing Readiness Assessments (MRAs) to maintain the use of Best Practices in Mid-Tier or Rapid programs both onsite or remotely.

​In a rapid program environment, but worried about manufacturing maturity or risk? 

Contact us.

PMM assessment assessment docs
PMM Assessments Online or In Person

A Program Management Metric (PMM) assessment is a streamlined and concise method to communicate product development and production maturity. PMMs consist of questions with metrics for each product maturity gate or key decision point in product development and production.


PMM assessments are non-intrusive and accomplished by a few highly skilled individuals. Assessments are generally conducted during program reviews using existing program documentation. Insights are provided to risk mitigation plans, investment strategies, and milestone decisions in a consistent manner.


PMMs provide:

  • Quick snapshots of product status with minimal impact on program resources

  • A clear display of product status across the supply chain

  • Prioritizes issues from the identified high risks that need management attention


APT performs PMM Assessments in conjunction with Program Management both onsite or remotely. Send us an email.

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