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Advanced Product Transitions Corporation (APT), a small, veteran-owned, business headquartered in McLean, VA, provides training, engineering, and management consulting services to commercial and Department of Defense, and other federal, state, and local governments, as well as international clients.

APT is a key ongoing developer and contributor to the Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) criteria, metrics, MRL Users Guide, MRL Deskbook, and assessment tools. The APT Team are experts on implementation of Technology Readiness Level (TRL) criteria and metrics. As a member of the AS6500A Manufacturing Management Program Standard Committee (G-23), APT provides expertise and support to the ongoing development and updating of the standard. Additionally, APT developed Program Management Metrics (PMMs) to provide to program managers a streamlined assessment tool asking the 20 questions that are key to program status and risk at key decision points.

Our staff is highly experienced in program management, acquisition, systems engineering, technology development and transition, manufacturing and quality assurance, supply chain management, and lean enterprise techniques.


APT has the experienced staff and tools to assist in assessing technology maturity, transitioning from technology development, assessing manufacturing capability and risk, and assessing product maturity during development through production. APT can assist in addressing affordability, cost control, productivity, and process improvement – keys to greater efficiencies and improved program performance.

Thomas Fiorino, PhD

President & CEO


Thomas has over 40 years' experience in DoD and private industry as well as research and development experience in aerospace engineering, systems engineering, and manufacturing technology. With a Top Secret Clearance, Tom has directed manufacturing and quality assurance for the F-16 Program and the multi-national participation for the Strategic Defense Initiative Office.

John F. Galuardi, Jr.

Senior Manufacturing Engineer


Jack is well qualified in policy development, strategy implementation, and instruction and training for MRLs, TRLs, and EMRLs. With over 30 years' experience in DoD and private industry, Jack has developed DoD sustainable manufacturing policy and training as well as the Missile Defense Agency policy, implementation strategy, and assessment. Working with the MRL Working Group since 2007, he is part of the Senior Advisory Group. Also a member of the G-23 SAE Standard Committee on manufacturing.

Gregory L. Stottlemyer

Senior Acquisition Manager


With over 40 years of experience in DoD and private industry, Greg is well versed in transitioning products from development to production,

establishing a comprehensive systems engineering organization, assessing and managing industrial base issues, and managing industry Manufacturing Enterprises. He is current on Defense Acquisition Guidance and Instructions, Manufacturing Management standards, and the various types  of DoD.

Randy Blanks

Program Manager


As an experienced leader, Randy has directed the Program Support Team for The Missile Defense National Team Program office, led a federally charted Fail Safe and Rick Reduction Study on prevention of nuclear accidents., Randy has over 40 years multi-faceted experience with missile defense, war gaming, strategic analysis, including DoD and industry on budget, policy, and operations. He is a member of the MRL Working Group and supports DAE’s G23 committee. He as conducted MRL assessments for domestic companies, DoD as well as international enterprises. In addition, he has conducted dozens of MRL training classes in person as well as online.

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