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This section is provided as additional reference material.


Many of these references were written by APT personnel. These and more are also available on the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) Community of Practice (CoP) website for Production, Quality, and Manufacturing (PQM). These will help answer program questions.

APT Corporation Publications

With the introduction of the Adaptive Acquisition Framework, DoD has produced an entire new set of document for policy and guidance in acquisition. While attempting to simplify the process, there were gaps and omissions between multiple documents. The following APT papers address the gaps and omissions in early DoD Major Capability Acquisition, as well as the need for and the content of a Production Readiness Review.​

Links to reference documents are below under AAF Resources

Overview of Manfacturing Readiness Levels
NASA TRL Thermometer

This standard is applicable to all phases of the system acquisition life cycle. It is intended for use on all programs with manufacturing content. It requires proven manufacturing management practices with the goal of delivering affordable and capable systems to the extent that it is invoked contractually.

Program Management Metrics detailed criteria

An Product Maturity Metrics Assessment asks the 20 questions that quickly gauge the program’s current state of maturity and risk. PMMs are a concise and effective tool available to Program Managers to readily assess risks, based on the maturity of their product at key milestones or gates. Developed on sound system engineering and product management principles, PMMs apply to any product. 

Producibility vs. the "ilities"

While many references to producibility in defense manufacturing are older references inclusion of the concept and process in AS6500 has shown a continued commitment to its use as a technique for cost and risk reduction in manufacturing.

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This section is for other resources some old, some new.

  • DoD 4545.7 - M Transition from Development to Production, Sep 1985                                (a.k.a., The Willoughby Templates)

  • Engineering & Manufacturing  Readiness Levels (EMRLs), 2010 MDA usage

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