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Advanced Product Transitions (APT) Corporation is the industry leader in the development of and training for:

  • Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) assessments

  • Technology Readiness Level (TRL) assessments

  • Program Management Metrics (PMM)

  • SAE's Manufacturing Management Program standard (AS6500) implementation


The APT Team additionally performs collaborative and independent manufacturing and/or program management assessments using MRLs, TRLs, and Best Practices supporting commercial and Department of Defense industries.

APT's expertise includes application of these processes from R&D through production.

Core Capabilities:

  • MRL Training and Workshops

  • AS6500 Implementation and Training

  • TRL Training and Workshops

  • Independent Manufacturing and Program Risk Assessments

  • Manufacturing Management System Analysis (AS6500)

  • Technology Development and Transition Risk Assessments

  • Program Management and Systems Engineering Assessments

  • National Security Space Industrial Base Analyses

  • Defense Production Act Title III Management Support

  • Small Business Innovative Research Management Support

  • Proposal Justification and Support

Audiovisual Conference

APT has developed a wide range of training courses to prepare personnel.


Machine in Factory

Assessing risks and finding innovative approaches to risk management are cornerstones of our capabilities.

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APT strives to provide quality, up-to-date reference materials for our partners.

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